A Tynker CodeMaker Camp™ in Dayton, OH

Miami Valley Coders Camp

MVCC offers week-long virtual day camps where campers learn to code and create amazing things in a fun and engaging environment.
by Dr. Scott A Mitchell
Dr. Mitchell is a dedicated educator leading students to success in technological education.
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Week-long summer camps available

29Jun - 3Jul

Creative Coding Studio

Discover programming through art, music, and math. Collaborate with other campers as you plan and build amazing projects using visual programming. Create interactive greetings, experiment with sounds and musical notes, make your own comics, design characters and animate them, generate math art, and build level-based games. No prior programming experience required.

  • Schedule
  • Drop-off time: 12:00 PM
  • Pick-up time: 4:00 PM
  • Recommended level
  • Beginner
  • Grades 3-8
Miami Valley Coders Camp offers week-long day camps where kids learn technology fundamentals in a fun and engaging environment. Our camps are designed to inspire young learners to create their own games, program LEGO® WeDo robots, build games, fly drones and create Minecraft® mods. Advanced learners can learn to create apps using real-world languages like JavaScript and Python, and build their own websites using HTML and CSS.

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