Run your own coding camp with Tynker

Whether you have a small camp or a large franchise, Tynker provides everything you need to start coding camps and classes.

Coding Camps and After-School Classes

Are you looking for an easy way to enhance your camp or after-school program?

Tynker is used by leading camp and after-school providers across the country.

  • Ready-to-use curriculum
  • Easy to set up and run / Nothing to install
  • Minimal cost
  • Instructor and marketing resources
  • Specialized staffing not required

Coding Curriculum

Tynker's flexible courses support half-day camps, full-day camps, and after-school coding clubs with students of different ages and experience levels. With our automatic assessments, lesson plans, teacher guides, and answer keys, instructors don’t need any prior programming experience to teach code in a fun, engaging way.

Camp Pricing

We use a flexible pricing model, so you just pay for the licenses that you need. That way, your account is only debited as students start using a course. Courses cost $100/student for Minecraft camps, $75/student for full-day camps, and $50/student for half-day camps and after-school programs.

Camp Curriculum

A complete solution to run coding camps

  • Standard Creativity Suite
  • Sample 1-Hour Lesson
  • Unlimited Project Creation
  • Classroom Management
  • Choose from 8 Camp Courses
  • Enhanced Creativity Suite
  • Automatic Assessment
  • Student Report Card
From $50 per student

Looking for volume discounts?

Institutions serving more than 1,000 students per year, contact us for volume pricing.

Learning Partners using Tynker

  • Sylvan Learning
    Leading North American provider of personal learning for students. Offers Tynker coding classes in over 800 centers.
  • iD Tech
    The world's #1 summer tech camp for ages 6-18, held at 150+ locations nationwide
  • Children's Creativity Museum
    Popular interactive art and technology museum in San Francisco. Runs "Creative Coding with Tynker" camps and classes for kids in grades 4-12.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need experience to run a Tynker programming camp?

    No! Tynker is a complete online learning system built for educators with no programming experience. Our interactive lessons engage students so they can learn on their own. Camp instructors follow easy-to-use lesson plans with teacher guides and puzzle solutions to lead students through daily activities.

  • Who should I hire as counselors?

    Although no experience with Tynker or programming is required, we recommend hiring instructors with general technology expertise because they can create additional collaborative activities for students to customize your camp. Engineering undergraduate students make excellent instructors.

  • Why should I add programming to my camp?

    With initiatives like the Hour of Code, programming is gaining recognition as a crucial 21st century skill. More and more parents see learning to program as a priority for their children. Programming is uniquely suited to a camp environment because it involves both learning and creating, meaning that kids love it and so do their parents!

  • Why should I use Tynker?

    Over 60 million kids have started learning to code with Tynker. Whether you have a small camp or a large franchise, Tynker easily adapts. Plus, you don’t need to create a curriculum. Tynker is a proven solution for teaching programming that’s trusted by leading camp providers across the country, including Sylvan Learning Centers and iD Tech camps.

  • Why do kids love Tynker programming camp?

    Kids love Tynker because they’re learning a skill that can bring their imagination to life. During a week of camp, they can create more than fifty programming projects that they’ll feel proud to share with their family and friends. And, at the end of camp, campers will still maintain access to their projects, so they can continue creating.

  • What do I need to get started?

    Any room with desks and chairs can be used as a Tynker classroom. You need wireless internet access and a computer (laptop, desktop or netbook) with a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) for every child. Tynker does the rest. Tynker camps are not suited for tablets at this time. However, kids can use the Tynker app for tablets to make games using what they’ve learned at camp.

  • How soon can I start a camp once I sign up?

    Almost immediately. Tynker is cloud-based, so there’s nothing to download or install. Once you have a camp administrator account, you can easily add instructors and campers, as well as set up classrooms. It takes less than ten minutes to add all your students and assign lessons.

  • Can I combine children at different levels and ages?

    Tynker’s online lessons allow kids to progress independently at their own pace. This means that you can easily mix kids of different ages and experience levels in one class without boring the advanced students or confusing the beginners. However, we recommend grouping kids by age to encourage collaboration and fun.

  • How will Tynker help me with marketing?

    We provide you with tips and resources to market your Tynker camp, along with class descriptions, activity schedules, flyers, and copy for your web page. Use our marketing checklist to maximize exposure and enrollments. We also provide referral links on our website to help you get the word out to a broad audience.

  • How do I use the funds I add?

    Adding funds allows you to enroll students in premium courses. You can add any number of student accounts. And they can even try the sample course C100 without being charged, so that your funds are only used when a student accesses a premium course for the first time.

  • How soon can I start my camp?

    As soon as you apply funds, you will immediately have access to eight courses, the admin dashboard, multi-location support, automatic student assessment, and more.

  • Why is there a purchase minimum of $500?

    Tynker programming camp is best suited for camps or after-school providers with at least 10 students. At this time, we are unable to support smaller providers. However, these credits don’t expire, so you can use them across multiple years.

Camp Directors Love Tynker

Easiest Way to Teach Programming

Tynker's system of tutorials, exercises, puzzles and quizzes are what really set it apart from other block-based visual coding programs. The sequenced progression of concepts taught in each Tynker lesson enabled students to gain a strong foundation for programming quickly, so the students could do more with their Tynker games.

Tomas Durkin — Children's Creativity Museum
Tynker Summer Camps and Field Trips, 2013 & 2014

Fun & Engaging for Students

OMG the program is amazing! I haven't seen this level of student engagement, critical thinking, collaboration and excitement about learning something new... They love this!... the best curriculum I've ever invested in.

Ally Oxenhandler — Novato Youth Center
Tynker Summer Camps & After-School Classes 2014

Easy to Manage and Run

All that the classrooms needed were computers and connection to Wi-Fi. My staff members did not need any specific training -- they were able to sample the lessons and set up student accounts on their own. Even our instructors without programming experience were able to pick [Tynker] up quickly.

Sam Esposito — Renaissance Learning Center
Tynker Summer Camps 2014